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Rescue Pumper 4

Rescue Pumper 4 is a 1999 American LaFrance Rescue Pumper. It is equipped with a 1500 GPM Hale Pump and 800 gallons of water. It is also equipped with a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS). It has 40 gallons of Class A foam and 20 gallons of Class B foam. Vehicle rescue equipment consists of state of the art Hurst high pressure spreaders, cutters and various length hydra-rams, as well as a 3-bag Hurst air bag system and Rescue 42 struts. The Rescue Pumper also carries a multi-gas detector and thermal imaging camera. It has a six man cab and meets Kent County Chiefs' Association Standards.

Tanker 4

Tanker 4 is a 1992 White/GMC/Volvo 4 GUYS Tanker. It is equipped with a 1000 GPM Hale Pump and can hold 4400 gallons of water. It also has 400ft. of 4" LDH, 200ft. of 3" LDH, (2) 200ft. of 1 3/4" cross lays and 10 gallons of Class A foam. It has a 3 man cab and meets Kent County Chiefs Association Standards.

Brush 4

Brush 4 is a 2012 Ford F-550 Extended Cab 4x4 with a flat bed body. The Unit has a 500 gpm pump, 350 gallons of water, 10 gallon foam cell, 12 volt telescopic scene lighting, remote bump turret, LED lighting, 600' of forestry hose, 200' of 3" supply hose, 200' of 13/4" attack line, 2 1" booster reels, floating strainer and all the necessary equipment for a brush unit. This unit also can be used as a drafting piece if needed.

Utility 4

Utility 4 is a 2001 Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton. It has a BLS seal of Excellence. It carries 5 members and meets Kent County Chiefs' Association Standards.

The Fightin' Fourth

can i buy Clomiphene in abu dhabi