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Buy Clomiphene and nolva - Order Clomiphene pills

The Kennedyville Volunteer Fire Company would like to congratulate members Dan and Nicole Menchey on the birth of Debra Suzanne who was born on March 23rd.  Debra came in at 18.9 inches and 6.79 lbs. Baby and Mom are doing good. In addition, we would like to congratulate members Mark Shaw and Brooke Bennett on the birth of their […]

22 February 2014


Kent Dispatched Kennedyville, Betterton, Chestertown, Galena, Millington, Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad and Kent EMS for a Dwelling Fire at 11299 Station Road.  Chief 4 arrived with a one story single family dwelling, smoke showing side alpha.  Engine 4 and Engine 53 arrived and were assigned investigations were they located a room off on […]

27 January 2014


Kent Dispatched Chestertown, Rock Hall, Kennedyville, Church Hill, Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad and Kent EMS for a Dwelling Fire with possible entrapment at 8500 Broadneck Road.  Kent advised responding units that an Engineer from Chestertown was on location and had fire showing from the rear along with a vehicle in the driveway.  Due to […]

3 January 2014


Kent Dispatched Kennedyville, Betterton, Chestertown, Galena, Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad and Kent EMS for a Dwelling Fire at 11299 Station Road. Rescue Pumper 4 arrived with a two story single family dwelling, fire showing from the second floor on the bravo side. Rescue Pumper 4 arrived and began fire attack, with Tower 6 assisting. The […]

20 December 2013


The Kennedyville Volunteer Fire Company is proud to place in service the new Engine 4. Engine 4 is a E-ONE Typhoon Extreme Duty Aluminum Pumper. This pumper features a Custom Typhoon Extreme Duty Long cab, 204″ wheel base, severe duty interior, seating for six firefighters, Cummings ISL 450hp engine, Allison EVS 3000 Transmission, Aluminum Cab […]

The Fightin' Fourth

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