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Kent Dispatched Kennedyville, Betterton, Chestertown, Galena, Millington, Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad and Kent EMS for a Dwelling Fire at 11299 Station Road.  Chief 4 arrived with a one story single family dwelling, smoke showing side alpha.  Engine 4 and Engine 53 arrived and were assigned investigations were they located a room off on […]

3 January 2014


Kent Dispatched Kennedyville, Betterton, Chestertown, Galena, Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad and Kent EMS for a Dwelling Fire at 11299 Station Road. Rescue Pumper 4 arrived with a two story single family dwelling, fire showing from the second floor on the bravo side. Rescue Pumper 4 arrived and began fire attack, with Tower 6 assisting. The […]

The Fightin' Fourth

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